Our representation and negotiation skills are designed to ensure that our client's interests always come first and that we secure financial security and peace of mind for them and their families. Rewards have never been greater in today’s game and it is so important to have dedicated, representation and guidance to ensure that the 'pitfalls' and unwanted distractions in the modern game are avoided. Contract negotiation and renegotiation is an important part of our service, ensuring the player has all the correct elements in his contract, reflecting his talent, potential and true market value. It should also afford him security whilst catering for performance and achievement.

Lifestyle management - we feel is vital to the modern player due to their lives being under constant scrutiny and when a player is involved in anything 'untoward', naturally it will be highlighted by the media. The younger players can be especially vulnerable to unwanted distractions and all players, have to accept they are role models and must conduct themselves accordingly, thus avoiding any possibility of jeopardising their careers or future.

Financial planning - is essential for a players future and to ensure his wealth is nurtured as his career is relatively short and sound advice and guidance is vital. Hence the reason we have an excellent support team to advise on all financial aspects from investments and property to taxation issues.

Commercial services - can cover a wide range from public relations, sponsorship and legal matters to vehicles and travel. Which are all comprehensively catered for by our support team of specialists.