In the Commodities industry, professional and effective sourcing of opportunities which can cover a variety of sectors but we tend to specialize in most types of both Fuel and Oil, plus Precious Metals. Working only with reputable and genuine sellers/buyers or their mandates.

Our other operational sectors include Business Consultancy, Credit Management and Financial services where we work with trusted associates in such areas as funding and raising investment for projects which could be sport related or purely commercial, in both the UK and overseas.

We are also involved in the property markets handling the sale and acquisition of both residential and commercial properties mainly in the UK, but we also have associates abroad with whom we work with closely on a variety of matters.

Paintings and works of Art are another of our interests, working with a close circle of associates, art experts and appraisers worldwide to both buy and acquire such items on behalf of our clients. The marketing and development of new ideas in technology and inventions in both the sport and commercial fields is another area where we are able to assist prospective clients